Monday, March 5, 2012


I finished Garden of Love on Friday night - only a few days late.  This was a fun stitch - I used the recommended Belle Soie colors which were yummy by the way and the called for 36ct vintage meadow rue linen.  I don't know exactly what I will do with it but I think a cube might be nice.

A month or so ago I was discussing the hornbook project by With My Needle with fellow "smalls" blog member Jeanne ( Willow Tree Stitcher) and we decided that we needed to finish up this "small" project.  Well she finished hers and errrr - well - I have almost finished mine.  Just one more 1/2 medallion and an initial and the finishing and I'll be done with mine too.

I was working on the Poinsettia House which was the first monthly project for the "smalls" blog however I ran out of steam ( or time) and now that the holiday season is over.  I will have to put it away till next fall.  I am one of those people who likes to stitch in the season.

While I love the BBD chosen for the March - I was pretty sure I  had all those Reward of Merit pieces and I can't seem to locate this one.  I'm undecided if I am going to purchase one if I can't find mine so I might end up skipping the March small.  I will look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing.

So here's hoping there is lots of bunnies in your stitching future.
Melody aka Woolwoman


  1. Congrats Mel on another finish- so cute! You go girl now and finish up that hornbook LOL. I just did the hornbook finishing for a friend in Virginia I met thru blogging and it was so cute.

    You could always substitute another Reward of Merit pattern for the March you I have several of those BBD patterns. I was lucky I looked first this time before purchasing the next Smalls project as I already had the pattern - it's not unusual for me to buy something I already have!

  2. Lovely finish Mel! I can't wait to see your hornbook...please share when it is finished.