Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fancey's Flowers

Fancey's Flowers
Pineberry Lane
40ct Linen
Required DMC Threads with 1 change
I know I am behind with my smalls, but momma is back in the game and trying to catch up. I started with Fancey because of her Fall colors and she is just darn cute! I did change her to a lady because I don't do witches and just decorate for the Fall season. I also changed the color of her basket so it would stand out a bit more. She was a fun stitching project!!
I will get started with the current project, but will post the past projects as I finish them. I hope we will continue this into 2013! I just got severely sidetracked with prom, graduation, and preparing 2 for college and the last for high school.
Hugs & Stitches!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

October 2012 Small

October's small is Autumn Splendor by With Thy Needle and Thread.   This small was selected for us by Brenda!  Please go to her blog and scroll down for her more pics of her finish.  She opted to finish it as a box topper and it is just gorgeous!

You may contact Inspired Needle and purchase this as a kit with chart, fabric and threads.  The kit will include full skeins of the overdyed threads, so the cost is a bit higher, but it is definitely worth it and you will have some extra thread for your stash!

You may select 35, 30 or 14 count fabric with Gentle Art Threads.  

30 count linen is $39.00

35 count or 14 count are $37.00.  

Also, if you would like just the chart, just the linen or just the threads please let Cathy at Inspired Needle know.  

I am sorry for the delay in this announcement!!!!!  Darn it when "real life" gets in the way of the stitching!!!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Interview with Patti!

This month's small was selected by Patti.  When I think of Patti one of the things I think about is a lake in Michigan.  You see, Patti and her family have a little get-away place there.....above is a picture she took of the lake.  Isn't that just the best place to imagine spending some time to recharge your batteries and read and stitch??  Definitely!

On to the interview!

Q:   When did you start cross-stitching?  Did someone teach you?

A:  I started cross stitching when I was in my early 20's.  My Dad was into all kinds of needlework; needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroidery, sewing, crewel, and he inspired me to try.  I also belonged to a Crafts Group that got together and my friend Nancy's mom liked to cross stitch.  I did it for a few years and then stopped.  I got back into it when I met YOU!  (side-note:  Patti and I were lucky enough to meet through our blogs!  We noticed that we did not live that far from each other and we decided to meet at a stitch shop not far from our homes.  We met for lunch and shopping and the rest is history!!)
Q:  When and where is your favorite time to stitch?

A:  At night when everything else is done, as well as anytime with my Stitching Buddies!

Q:   Who are some of your favorite designers?

A:  I LOVE Pineberry Lane, Sampler Girl, Stacy Nash, Brenda Gervais, Little House Needleworks,  Notforgotten Farm,  Blackbird Designs,  Primitive Betty's, Prairie Schooler, Shepherd's Bush and everything else my friends stitch that I "have to HAVE!!!"
Q:  Can you share one of your favorite "cross-stitch memories" with us?

A:   Having some cross- stitched pieces that my Dad made around the house makes me very happy. Also spending time stitching with friends, laughing and chatting- the fellowship that brings; as well as some time alone, especially, in Michigan, when I get uninterrupted time to stitch is so rewarding.  The retreats we have all gone to have produced some good memories as well!
Q:  Can you tell us about one of your favorite pieces that you have stitched? 
A:  I love them all- especially the finished ones!!!! I think I am partial to the holiday/seasonal ones.

Q:   What would constitute the perfect stitching day?

A.  Stitching with my Stitching Buddies ANYTIME!!! And a cozy fall or winter day!!!

Thanks Patti!!!! (by the way, the picture of your finished smalls is making me hyperventilate (in a good way!))