Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interview with Teresa

This month's small was selected and stitched by the lovely and talented Teresa Whisson.  Below are some thoughts from this wonderful friend.

Q:  What made you choose this month's design?

A: Laura told me to pick it.  (Editor's note:  Really?  Am I that bossy?  Probably.)

Q:  Could you give us your "craft history?"  For example; when did you start stitching?  What other crafts do you enjoy?

A:  I started sewing when I was 8 and I just loved it. My dad would buy my fabric only after I finished the previous garment. I wish I still had that discipline!  And I wish my dad would still buy my stash. LOL.

I couldn't wait until I was 16 so I could work at the fabric store.  I applied on my 16th birthday and was hired on the spot.  I worked there through high school and college.  

I started cross stitching in about 1980 after I took a class with my sister. I cross-stitched off and on throughout the years but have been stitching non-stop since about 2000.  I also picked up quilting along the way and have made over 100 quilts. 

Q:  Would you tell us some of your favorite stitching designers?

A:  Blackbird Designs and Prairie schooler are my favorites.

Q:  Tell us about your idea of the perfect stitching day?
A:  I LOVE shopping with my stitching buddies. Road trips and retreats are the best. Stitching is great, but the friendships I have made are beyond measure. I adore my stitching buddies
Q:   Do you have a stash?  And if so, how do you organize it?
A:  I have taken over the hall closet (walk-in) for my stash. I have the kits and charts organized alphabetically!  I also have an Excel spreadsheet listing every chart and the fabric I have for it (if kitted). There are over 1000 entries on the chart so I guess I have a pretty nice stash! 

Q:  What is your favorite part of being a stitcher?
A:  See #4 above! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Finish

Here is my May small finished into a pillow.  It is stitched on 32ct Limestone with Crescent colours Weeping Willow.  I finished it while attending Celebrations of Needlework so I matched some Chenille trim that I picked up at Inspired Needle's booth.  I chose Crescent Colours Chenille trim in Beanstalk.  It matched perfectly.  Thanks Cathy for such a wonderful array of items that you brought all the way to Nashua.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

April small finished..........

I finally got my April project finished off.   The thread colors in this project are sort of unusual so I had to dig deep in my fabric stash for something I thought worked with it.  I decided to make a standing easel out of "Tisket a Tasket".    It will be a cute spring piece to display.

June 2012 Small

 Happy Mother's Day!  I thought it would be fun to get this month's small up early on a day that everyone feels celebratory.  

This month's small is Liberty Sewing Pouch by Stacy Nash Primitives!!!!!!  Isn't it wonderful???  Just gorgeous and totally cool!

This small was picked by Teresa and all the pictures on this entry of the finished piece are from her.  She did a great job stitching and fabulous job finishing this piece!  I think all of us will be lined up outside her door to request her services!
 Look how cute the kitting is!!!!

The kit will contain Weeks Dye Works linen in Confederate Grey, plus 7 skeins of DMC floss, plus the pattern.  There are two sizes of linen available, both 30 and 35 count. Both kits are $25.  If you need Aida, please call or email Cathy at Inspired Needle and she can set you up.
 I love, love, love the designs by Stacy Nash!  You could give me any one of her charts and I would be happy!
 Here are some close-ups of Teresa's fine stitch work!
This is a great project to start the summer with don't you think???

Friday, May 11, 2012


These gals are perched on the fence post because they are anxiously awaiting May 15th and the announcement of the next small project.  Since they were so excited I thought I would give them a little hint as to the next project........the designer of the next small has the initials S.N.  


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An 'unofficial' small

Although I love the May small and have every intention of stitching it, I got sidetracked by this project when I bought an adorable pincushion stand at Celebration of Needlework.  This is one of the Quaker Pincushion designs by Jeannette Douglas.  I bought it Saturday and finished it on Tuesday.  Hoping to assemble it this weekend.