Sunday, May 13, 2012

June 2012 Small

 Happy Mother's Day!  I thought it would be fun to get this month's small up early on a day that everyone feels celebratory.  

This month's small is Liberty Sewing Pouch by Stacy Nash Primitives!!!!!!  Isn't it wonderful???  Just gorgeous and totally cool!

This small was picked by Teresa and all the pictures on this entry of the finished piece are from her.  She did a great job stitching and fabulous job finishing this piece!  I think all of us will be lined up outside her door to request her services!
 Look how cute the kitting is!!!!

The kit will contain Weeks Dye Works linen in Confederate Grey, plus 7 skeins of DMC floss, plus the pattern.  There are two sizes of linen available, both 30 and 35 count. Both kits are $25.  If you need Aida, please call or email Cathy at Inspired Needle and she can set you up.
 I love, love, love the designs by Stacy Nash!  You could give me any one of her charts and I would be happy!
 Here are some close-ups of Teresa's fine stitch work!
This is a great project to start the summer with don't you think???


  1. Really cute Laura. I just started a patriotic small because I want a basket of patriotic ones to display this summer. This should fit right in!

  2. Love this piece. I saw Teresa's piece in person. It's beautiful. Can't wait to stitch it!

  3. LOVE LOVE the May small offering by Theresa. The stitching and the finishing is just so neat. I can't wait to get this one. About this time of the year - I always get itchy to get the patriotic stitching selections out. Thanks Melody