Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interview with Teresa

This month's small was selected and stitched by the lovely and talented Teresa Whisson.  Below are some thoughts from this wonderful friend.

Q:  What made you choose this month's design?

A: Laura told me to pick it.  (Editor's note:  Really?  Am I that bossy?  Probably.)

Q:  Could you give us your "craft history?"  For example; when did you start stitching?  What other crafts do you enjoy?

A:  I started sewing when I was 8 and I just loved it. My dad would buy my fabric only after I finished the previous garment. I wish I still had that discipline!  And I wish my dad would still buy my stash. LOL.

I couldn't wait until I was 16 so I could work at the fabric store.  I applied on my 16th birthday and was hired on the spot.  I worked there through high school and college.  

I started cross stitching in about 1980 after I took a class with my sister. I cross-stitched off and on throughout the years but have been stitching non-stop since about 2000.  I also picked up quilting along the way and have made over 100 quilts. 

Q:  Would you tell us some of your favorite stitching designers?

A:  Blackbird Designs and Prairie schooler are my favorites.

Q:  Tell us about your idea of the perfect stitching day?
A:  I LOVE shopping with my stitching buddies. Road trips and retreats are the best. Stitching is great, but the friendships I have made are beyond measure. I adore my stitching buddies
Q:   Do you have a stash?  And if so, how do you organize it?
A:  I have taken over the hall closet (walk-in) for my stash. I have the kits and charts organized alphabetically!  I also have an Excel spreadsheet listing every chart and the fabric I have for it (if kitted). There are over 1000 entries on the chart so I guess I have a pretty nice stash! 

Q:  What is your favorite part of being a stitcher?
A:  See #4 above! 

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  1. Teresa, so fun getting to know about your dad buying your fabric and your working in a fabric store. I did not know that about you!!! I do know that you are a wonderful friend and so much fun to be around. I'm so happy to be one of your "stitching buddies".