Sunday, September 9, 2012

Interview with Patti!

This month's small was selected by Patti.  When I think of Patti one of the things I think about is a lake in Michigan.  You see, Patti and her family have a little get-away place there.....above is a picture she took of the lake.  Isn't that just the best place to imagine spending some time to recharge your batteries and read and stitch??  Definitely!

On to the interview!

Q:   When did you start cross-stitching?  Did someone teach you?

A:  I started cross stitching when I was in my early 20's.  My Dad was into all kinds of needlework; needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroidery, sewing, crewel, and he inspired me to try.  I also belonged to a Crafts Group that got together and my friend Nancy's mom liked to cross stitch.  I did it for a few years and then stopped.  I got back into it when I met YOU!  (side-note:  Patti and I were lucky enough to meet through our blogs!  We noticed that we did not live that far from each other and we decided to meet at a stitch shop not far from our homes.  We met for lunch and shopping and the rest is history!!)
Q:  When and where is your favorite time to stitch?

A:  At night when everything else is done, as well as anytime with my Stitching Buddies!

Q:   Who are some of your favorite designers?

A:  I LOVE Pineberry Lane, Sampler Girl, Stacy Nash, Brenda Gervais, Little House Needleworks,  Notforgotten Farm,  Blackbird Designs,  Primitive Betty's, Prairie Schooler, Shepherd's Bush and everything else my friends stitch that I "have to HAVE!!!"
Q:  Can you share one of your favorite "cross-stitch memories" with us?

A:   Having some cross- stitched pieces that my Dad made around the house makes me very happy. Also spending time stitching with friends, laughing and chatting- the fellowship that brings; as well as some time alone, especially, in Michigan, when I get uninterrupted time to stitch is so rewarding.  The retreats we have all gone to have produced some good memories as well!
Q:  Can you tell us about one of your favorite pieces that you have stitched? 
A:  I love them all- especially the finished ones!!!! I think I am partial to the holiday/seasonal ones.

Q:   What would constitute the perfect stitching day?

A.  Stitching with my Stitching Buddies ANYTIME!!! And a cozy fall or winter day!!!

Thanks Patti!!!! (by the way, the picture of your finished smalls is making me hyperventilate (in a good way!))


  1. Great interview, Patti. So glad that you are in our group!!

  2. Awesome lake photos - It reminds me of my folks lake home where we love to sit on their porch overlooking the lake and stitch. Interesting that my dad also stitches - he is very productive and just finished the Solomons Temple sampler from SANQ. Wonderful getting to know you Patti - LOVE the design you choose for the smalls blog this month. Cheers Melody

  3. I happen to be lucky to know Patti in person! What makes her so much fun to be around is because her stitching enthusiasm always shines through!