Sunday, July 15, 2012

August 2012 Small

This month's small was selected by Linda Crowe.  Linda has beautiful taste and always stitches the best stuff.  This is no exception.  The piece is called Sunflower and Acorns and the designer is Beehive Needleworks.  Just lovely isn't it???

If you would like to order a kit from Inspired Needle it will include the Sunflowers and Acorns pattern, plus DMC & Gentle Art thread, plus fabric. 

There are three separate kits.  

#1 Kit has 36 count Edinborough linen in Natural, chart and threads.

#2 Kit has 32 count Belfast linen in Natural, chart and threads.

#3 kit has 14 count Aida/Linen blend in Natural, chart and threads.

Each of the kits is $24.00.

Please note:  The pattern was charted for all DMC but Linda substituted the two flower colors with Gentle Art Sampler threads to give some nice color variation.

Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Great project for August! Need to get stitching on this:)

  2. Laura, this is such a fun stitch!! And, the fact that it can be finished in a number of ways is an added bonus! Thank you, Laura, for such kind comments about my finish.

  3. This is a sweet design! Very nice! More temptation...

  4. Love this one soooo much and I actually did it already!! GREAT choice! Uh oh- my month is next....

  5. What a cute design! Can we find out which two GA threads were used in Linda's model? They look great. I'd like to order only the chart and the GA threads. I have enough linen and DMC to open my own store.