Saturday, November 19, 2011

To Clarify...

Just wanted to clarify.....there is no obligation to stitch all of the small projects....only the ones that call to you!  There may be a month where you do not care for the choice and there is no reason to stitch something you don't love!  

This is not an automatic that you will be signing up for.  If you like a project and you would like to buy the supplies from Inspired Needle that is fine!  The entire kit or just the chart or just the threads or just the fabric will be available at Inspired Needle.  You can order anything anytime that you need something.  You might have the project already in your stash and then, bonus!, you can stitch something from your stash.  

This is a no stress type of event.  Just stitch what you love and love what you stitch!!! 

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  1. Cute Laura- it looks really good. Did you figure out what you wanted to in regard to posting? Hope so!