Friday, April 13, 2012

May 2012 Small

Introducing the small for the month of May!!!  This is the adorable Flower Pot Sampler by From the Heart!!  This delightful small was selected by Jayne! 

I am particularly in love with the alphabet on this chart.  I think it is full of whimsy.

And look how Cathy kitted up this project!  What a delight!

Here is Jayne's finish.  She is not sure if she is going to frame it or finish it into a little pin keep. 

 If you would like to purchase a kit from Inspired Needle you can order the chart, Belfast Limestone 32 count linen and one skein of Crescent Colors Weeping Willow for $15.00 or if you prefer to substitute Belle Soie Weathering Vine for the cotton the cost would be $20.00 for the entire kit.

As you know, I am supposed to announce the new smalls on the 15th of each month, but since this is a Friday night and the start to a weekend I thought we all needed a little treat and excitement!  Enjoy!


  1. Oh that is sweet! Thanks for posting a day early. I love the excitment! (I still haven't touched my smalls kits yet. Silly me!)

  2. OOOO- I have this from the frenzy at the Retreat! I may need to start this asap! ( Thanks for the early announcement) Have a great weekend and see you Tues.!

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  4. Laura- just an FYI- don't know if you will have this issue or not but I tried 3 times to do that same comment from my ipad and "Google" wouldn't let me- said my username and password were wrong. I had no issues on my laptop. Let me know if that happens to you with your ipad ("No, Patti- only you..." ) And I deleted my above comment- too many errors- lol

  5. What fun it is to see you picked my chart to stitch. Just a little note for you that want to frame this. It will fit in a standard 5 x 7 frame. (Makes framing a little easier.)

  6. what a cute piece for May - LOVE IT !!!!!