Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Quaker Hornbook

No progress on the January Year of the Small, but you all are motivating me to keep pushing with my WIP smalls. As Jeanne and Melody have commented, they are both working on Quaker Hornbook by Ellen Chester of With My Needle. Here is my version. My EGA chapter did this as a group project a few years ago and sadly, I never got around to starting it. I have, however, made some progress this year and I am loving it! I did get sidetracked by working on a few ornaments, but I promise to get back to the hornbook soon.

Worked on 32 count linen with a Gentle Art Sampler Thread, the name of which I can't remember! Will check when I get home! **The color is Sable



  1. What a beautiful color choice Cathy. Maybe the 3 of us will have a finished hornbook this year ! Mel

  2. Way to go Cathy! Yes let's all 3 of us get this one in the finished column. I like your color choices. I just started on some of the Quaker motifs on the left side last night, they actually go pretty quickly. We can do this!