Friday, January 6, 2012

So disappointed

I went to my LNS today to purchase the Poinsetta House pattern with hopes of stitching this week-end.  Howver, she had sold all of her copies.  So I think my plan is to wait until the next project is announced and order them both at the same time.  My LNS is about 40 minutes away and I don't get the chance to get over there very often.  So I will pull a project from my stash and stitch on that this week-end. 


  1. The fifteenth is right around the corner...I'm waiting to see that pick, too.


  2. Boooo!!! That is a pip! You could check with Cathy at Inspired Needle....she might be able to ship one out to you really quick.......but then again ordering them both at the same time would be fun too!!!!