Wednesday, January 4, 2012


hello friends - I see some familiar faces here.

I found this blog thru Laura and thought it was great to have something small to work on this year in between the huge Ann Dale that our sampler guild is doing as an SAL. 

I ordered from Cathy at Inspired Needle and she was ever so helpful as always.  She was out of the 36ct linen in the color called for so I changed my color to Days Gone By so it will be a bit different.  Doubt I will be able to finish by the 15th but we'll see.

OMGOSH - Vonna did it again with her absolutely gorgeous finishing and over one stitching - she truly did make it "a small".  Love your creativity Vonna, YGG and the girls ornaments are lovely as well.

I think it will be great fun to participate in this blog and get to know some you better and meet some new friends too. 

if you don't already "follow" my blog - please check in on it when you can.

Happy Stitching Smalls in 2012 !
Melody aka Woolwoman


  1. Hi, Melody-
    I just took a quick look at your the two Christmas designs you are working on. I have the BBD...might order the Blue Ribbon the trees.

    I have gathered some pieces of wool for appliqué, etc., but haven't done much. Maybe this year.

    Have fun with the smalls.


  2. Hi ya Melody :)
    Can't wait to follow your Poinsetta House!