Monday, January 30, 2012

Poinsettia House finish

I finished the stitching on Poinsettia House last night.  Am I the last one to finish?

I won't be doing the February project, since I'll be working on a Stitcherama project in February, but I may pull out one of my small WIPs if I need a small fix during the month.  Happy stitching, everyone.  I look forward to seeing your February finishes.


  1. It's lovely Carol - congrats! No you aren't the last, I just got my kit when I ordered the Feb project so will be starting it late. Just think, you're ahead of the game already because you've already got a Christma project stitched and it's only January!

    1. Hi are not the last to finish! I still have to take mine out of the package! Very naughty!!! If you do another small in February please post about it! we love small talk!!! Hah!!!

  2. Hi Carol, your Poinsettia House looks so pretty. what fabric did you use? did you change the threads?

    enjoy the Sticherama. Thea is a favorite designer of mine! and yes, if you do a small, please post here.

  3. Oh I am jealous you are doing the Stitcherama - I just saw on Thea's website today and I'm sorry I missed it - hopefully she will do a cyberclass again. Your Poinsettia House is lovely and NOPE you obviously are not the last one - there will probably never be a last one as long as people keep discovering and joining this wonderful "smalls" group and hopefully want to stitch prior months projects. I am still slowly stitching on mine - I promised myself I was going to put it away on Feb 1st and start stitching the Garden of Love - it's pretty - it's silk and who doesn't need a garden of love. Melody

  4. Be rest assured, you are not the last one to finish Poinsettia House....I'm stitching away; having fun. What color fabric did you use? Enjoy your stitcherama with Thea. I did a retreat with Thea as the instructor. She is Fabulous' super teacher & wonderful friend. Enjoy

  5. No you are not the last one. I am still stitching away. You did a great job.

  6. Great finish! I am almost done...found an error I need to fix.