Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A 'small' finish...........

I finished my Quaker Hornbook last night - yippee!  The finishing was easy.  I probably will never really use this but display it with my other smalls.

Quaker Hornbook by With My Needle
stitched 1-over-1 on 32-ct linen

I also started our February project "Garden of Love" but haven't gotten much done yet to take a photo.  One word of caution for those of you using the charted Belle Soie silks.  The raspberry thread is a really vibrant color.  I noticed a little bit of pink on the linen threads surrounding where I was stitching.  I decided to soak the Raspberry thread for a few minutes in cold water in case it needed more rinsing of the dye.  Only a very tiny bit of pink came out in the water, so it could be just the friction of pulling the thread through the linen. (I'm using 40-ct).  I would just take extra care with your counting when stitching with it - if you have to frog a lot you might see some light pink coloration on your fabric where your stitches were.


  1. LOVE it!! I am contemplating a project over 1 on 32ct fabby and am now inspired to give it a try. Congrats on your finish!

  2. Your finish is beautiful!! :) I noticed that with the Raspberry thread too. I had a pink tinge on my fingers while I was stitching with it. :(

  3. Jeanne, your hornbook looks excellent! I am really determined to get mine done as well but first I need to finish a few ornaments. looking forward to seeing your garden of live.

  4. Your hornbook is truly divine!!! I am sighing as I admire it!

    Thanks for the stitching tips!!!!