Monday, January 2, 2012


I have been a lurker of so many blogs over the past year and when I discovered the 2012 Year of the Smalls stitch along I decided I would have to create my own blog so that I could participate in this project.  I am going to my LNS on Friday to purchase the pattern and threads.  I will post a picture when I get mine finished. 

I love the way Vonna finished hers...but then I have yet to see anything that Vonna does that I don't like.  Her blog is one I frequent very often. 


  1. Welcome Sherry!!!! So glad you are joining us!!!! This year is shaping up to be fun, fun, fun!!!!

  2. Hi Sherry nice to meet you :)
    Thank you for your kind compliments, they make me blush.....

  3. Hi Laura! I am very excited to join your group! Plan to order the January project right away and get started!
    What a fabulous idea! I am from Rhode Island and get so many ideas from the cross stitch blogs I follow. But I keep "finding" new ones - like this one!I am working on my first Long Dog sampler and can see that a little "smalls" break is a good idea!
    Thank you for organizing!